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Love Your Belly: "Don't spend your whole pregnancy trying to hide it"

Congratulations! You have a tiny human on the way and I know exactly what you are thinking now, "I have nothing to wear!" I can say this with confidence because I, too, stand and stare into my own closet looking for clothes that will fit my ever growing baby bump. Dressing your new body can be frustrating but today, with the help of Ruby Blue Boutique, I have a few tips to share that will help make this new fashion adventure a little easier.


Love Your Belly:The first thing to remember is that even if you don't feel it, your bump is beautiful so show it off. Don't spend your whole pregnancy trying to hide it.

Don't rush to buy out Motherhood Maternity: No need to spend a lot on maternity wear! Today's fashions include plenty of great regular size clothing options that are good pre and post baby. Just go a size up when needed. With a great selection of maxi dresses, flowy tops and sheath style dresses, Ruby Blue is one of my favorite boutiques to find cute and comfortable pieces without breaking the bank and knowing I will wear them time and time again.


Basic Necessities: There are several basic items that can carry you through your entire pregnancy.

- White & black long length camis

- Leggings

- Bandeau bras for when the girls need a little extra coverage

- Comfortable bra

Be Bold: No need to try and blend into the background. Be as adventurous with your style as you would be normally. If you love a good stripe then wear it. If you love neon pink then I say rock it like never before. Show your personality and don't shy away from trends.

Now let's all go back to our closets or make a trip to Ruby Blue with a new perspective on our adventure into maternity fashion!

Get Kristi's look:

Aztec Teal Garden Racer $26

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Pacific Island Maxi Dress $36.99

Coral Necklace set $19.99 

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*Kristi Hicks is the Stylist for Mobile's Access Magazine and Lead Mobile Fashion Week Stylist*

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