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Feeling Blue

Gracie Johnston

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It's me Gracie from With Style and a Little Grace! Back with some more of my Ruby Blue Faves! It's December y'all and what is the deal with this weather! Seriously it needs to turn cold and stay cold! Today I am back with one of my favorite tops from the fabulous Ruby Blue Boutique! This top is so cute to wear on the daily and I am in love with this gorgeous bauble necklace styled with it - it just adds so much pizzazz! This would be a great look to wear while holiday shopping minus the heels but...

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Gracie Johnston

Tags fashion, ootd, thanksgiving style, with style and a little grace

Hi Ladies, it's me Gracie from With Style and a Little Grace back with some fun holiday looks. It's Thanksgiving week and I couldn't be more excited! The holidays are officially upon us and after Thursday it is totally appropriate to sip my peppermint mocha, listen to Christmas tunes on the reg and seriously DECK THE HALLS - are you as excited as I am? Today I am bringing you two adorable looks from the fab Ruby Blue Boutique that would be perfect for your Turkey Day get-together! The first look in the line-up is my dressier option for Thanksgiving -...

Higher Education & High Fashion : “Life is Full of Choices” Welcome to college!


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Higher Education & High Fashion : “Life is Full of Choices” Welcome to college! 13 years of schooling and being taught by both your teachers and parents has all led to this moment: when you finally get the freedom to make your own choices. What college are you going to go to? What are you majoring in? Are you going to rush a sorority or maybe join a club? Should you date that boy, or that one, or maybe neither? What are you going to wear to class everyday? Of all the choices, the one that is always easiest for...

Love Your Belly: "Don't spend your whole pregnancy trying to hide it"

Kristi Hicks

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Congratulations! You have a tiny human on the way and I know exactly what you are thinking now, "I have nothing to wear!" I can say this with confidence because I, too, stand and stare into my own closet looking for clothes that will fit my ever growing baby bump. Dressing your new body can be frustrating but today, with the help of Ruby Blue Boutique, I have a few tips to share that will help make this new fashion adventure a little easier.          Love Your Belly:The first thing to remember is that even if you don't feel it,...

Summer Outfits

Gracie Johnston

Hi Ruby Blue Ladies, I am back with a few more of my absolute favorite looks from the fabulous Ruby Blue Boutique. if you haven't checked out my other summer outfit favorites check out my posts here and here.  A little round-up of my looks. Plus don't forget to shop now and get 15% off with the code Grace at check-out!  Shop the Look Seersucker Charleston Dress | Off the Shoulder dress  XO, Gracie  I would love for you to stop by the blog - With Style and a Little Grace 

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