Feeling Blue

By Gracie Johnston
on December 02, 2015
It's me Gracie from With Style and a Little Grace! Back with some more of my Ruby Blue Faves!
It's December y'all and what is the deal with this weather! Seriously it needs to turn cold and stay cold! Today I am back with one of my favorite tops from the fabulous Ruby Blue Boutique! This top is so cute to wear on the daily and I am in love with this gorgeous bauble necklace styled with it - it just adds so much pizzazz!
This would be a great look to wear while holiday shopping minus the heels but you could slip on the heels for a last minute date night! With the mad rush of the holidays I love an outfit that can go from day to night! Ruby Blue has some of the most adorable jewelry right now!
Top | Necklace | Paige Denim | F21 Heels | Tory Burch Bag
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Happy Wednesday Loves!

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

By Gracie Johnston
on November 23, 2015
Hi Ladies, it's me Gracie from With Style and a Little Grace back with some fun holiday looks. It's Thanksgiving week and I couldn't be more excited! The holidays are officially upon us and after Thursday it is totally appropriate to sip my peppermint mocha, listen to Christmas tunes on the reg and seriously DECK THE HALLS - are you as excited as I am? Today I am bringing you two adorable looks from the fab Ruby Blue Boutique that would be perfect for your Turkey Day get-together!
The first look in the line-up is my dressier option for Thanksgiving - I am officially obsessed with this fur vest and this swing dress which I know they just got in a ton of new colors! Also, it's only $29 - seriously such a steal! The amazing thing about this swing dress is it's dressier but baggy enough to have that second or third helping ;) - you know you want it. These bracelets would make an amazing Christmas gift for any fashion loving gal!
Fur Vest I Tunic Dress I Booties Target I Baubles I
This fringe - oh I am in love with it y'all and it's only $23 - these prices are too good! If your Thanksgiving is a bit more casual like mine then this look is perfect for it. It's fun but comfortable at the same time!
Fringe Vest I Blouse I Paige Denim I J.Crew Clutch I Old Navy Booties
I also have some more fun holiday style coming later this week - so stay tuned and you can check out all of my holiday gift guides over on my blog - With Style and a Little Grace
Right now Ruby Blue is offering you 15% off your order with code GRACE at check-out - let's start the holiday shopping!
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Higher Education & High Fashion : “Life is Full of Choices” Welcome to college!

By Tessy
on July 28, 2015

Higher Education & High Fashion : “Life is Full of Choices” Welcome to college!

13 years of schooling and being taught by both your teachers and parents has all led to this moment: when you finally get the freedom to make your own choices. What college are you going to go to? What are you majoring in? Are you going to rush a sorority or maybe join a club? Should you date that boy, or that one, or maybe neither? What are you going to wear to class everyday? Of all the choices, the one that is always easiest for me is what I’m going to wear. 


With all the pressure to make all these major life choices, it always helps me to step back and take a moment to make small decisions that aren't nearly as scary. Starting your day off by picking the right outfit can make all the difference in your attitude throughout the day, and with the help of Ruby Blue Boutique, I've got the perfect outfits for you to stay comfortable and cute as you conquer your new college life!

Transitional Pieces: Don't rush out and buy a ton of different outfits, because there is so much you can do with a simple pair of denim shorts, black pants, or your favorite shoes and there is no need to spend a ton of money on clothes you won’t wear more than once. Essentials:

Comfortable shoes for walking around campus

Black pants that you can dress up or down

Denim shorts that you can just throw on and go

Head bands for when your hair just isn't feeling your 8 am classes

Cute graphic tank tops that’ll match everything

I know it seems like wearing your pajamas to class will make you feel better when you’re stressing over finals or midterms, but I promise putting together a cute outfit to wear instead, can make all the difference in helping you feel like you've got it together (even if you don't yet.) Everyday is a fashion show, and the world is your runway, so don't forget to strut it ladies. Xoxo- Tess


Love Your Belly: "Don't spend your whole pregnancy trying to hide it"

By Kristi Hicks
on July 14, 2015

Congratulations! You have a tiny human on the way and I know exactly what you are thinking now, "I have nothing to wear!" I can say this with confidence because I, too, stand and stare into my own closet looking for clothes that will fit my ever growing baby bump. Dressing your new body can be frustrating but today, with the help of Ruby Blue Boutique, I have a few tips to share that will help make this new fashion adventure a little easier.


Love Your Belly:The first thing to remember is that even if you don't feel it, your bump is beautiful so show it off. Don't spend your whole pregnancy trying to hide it.

Don't rush to buy out Motherhood Maternity: No need to spend a lot on maternity wear! Today's fashions include plenty of great regular size clothing options that are good pre and post baby. Just go a size up when needed. With a great selection of maxi dresses, flowy tops and sheath style dresses, Ruby Blue is one of my favorite boutiques to find cute and comfortable pieces without breaking the bank and knowing I will wear them time and time again.


Basic Necessities: There are several basic items that can carry you through your entire pregnancy.

- White & black long length camis

- Leggings

- Bandeau bras for when the girls need a little extra coverage

- Comfortable bra

Be Bold: No need to try and blend into the background. Be as adventurous with your style as you would be normally. If you love a good stripe then wear it. If you love neon pink then I say rock it like never before. Show your personality and don't shy away from trends.

Now let's all go back to our closets or make a trip to Ruby Blue with a new perspective on our adventure into maternity fashion!

Get Kristi's look:

Aztec Teal Garden Racer $26

Gold Earrings $9.99

Pacific Island Maxi Dress $36.99

Coral Necklace set $19.99 

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*Kristi Hicks is the Stylist for Mobile's Access Magazine and Lead Mobile Fashion Week Stylist*

Summer Outfits

By Gracie Johnston
on July 12, 2015
Hi Ruby Blue Ladies,
I am back with a few more of my absolute favorite looks from the fabulous Ruby Blue Boutique. if you haven't checked out my other summer outfit favorites check out my posts here and here. 
A little round-up of my looks. Plus don't forget to shop now and get 15% off with the code Grace at check-out! 
Shop the Look
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Wifey - With Style and a Little Grace

By Gracie Johnston
on July 07, 2015
Hi Ruby Blue Ladies,
My name is Gracie and I am the girl behind the blog With Style and a Little Grace. My blog is filled with all of my favorite things - fashion, food, lifestyle, beauty and a little DIY mixed in there. I live in Mobile, Alabama with my husband Henry and our yellow lab Charlie. I would love for you to check out my blog for a little more info about me and tons of my favorite things. Grab a cup of coffee and sit a spell! 
This week I am so excited to be teaming up with the fabulous Lacey of Ruby Blue Boutique. I am going to be styling several of their gorgeous pieces for some fun summer looks. Check out my off the shoulder look I did yesterday on my blog here. They have the best on-trend pieces in store and online and the prices are so good. 
This Wifey tee is the cutest thing ever. How fun would it be to wear sight-seeing on vacation? It would even be adorable over your bikini or with some distressed boyfriend jeans. These lace shorts are insanely versatile. I wore them last week here for a bit of a dressier look and find myself reaching for them constantly. What's not to love? The detailing is gorgeous and they are seriously $25. Can't beat that! 
I am so excited because this week you can get 15% off all of your purchases with the code Grace. Stay tuned because I have a few more fun looks coming later this week and check out my blog for even more outfit inspiration. 
Thanks for having me!
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